RapidLeech PlugMod

Rapidleech Setup
Default rapidleech options loaded
General Options
Secret key for cookie encryption
Make up a random one to protect your premium cookies (max length: 56)
Download Directory
Allow users to change
download directory
Auto Delete in minutes
File name prefix
File name suffix
Replace spaces for
underscore in file names
Bandwidth saving
File size limit in MiB
Disable auto download feature
Disable auto upload feature
Disable notes feature
Disable *.upload.html creation
Disable myuploads.txt creation
Authorization mode
Enable Authorization mode
Presentation Options
Show all files, not
only downloaded
Auto Refresh Server Info
CPU, Memory & Time Info
Make file list sortable
Fixed file list header
(May not work in all browsers)
Transload files in a new window
Use javascript window
File Actions Restrictions
Disable all actions
Disable deleting on all actions(except delete)
Disable delete action
Disable rename action
Disable massive rename
Disable massive email
Disable email
Disable FTP
Disable upload
Disable merge
Disable split
Disable md5 change
Disable hashing
Disable list
Disable compression
(tar, zip, rar)
Disable tar
Disable zip
Disable unzip
Disable rar
Disable unrar
Advanced Options
(You don't need to change these unless you know what you are doing)
Prefer use of cURL on plugins
Redirect passive method
No cache
Disallow downloads from external referers
Try to list files bigger than 2gb
(32 bit o.s.)
Forbidden file types
Block download of forbidden file types
Rename forbidden file types to
Block forbidden file types for file actions